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    Substance Use and the Family

    Congratulations for exploring my website.

    Yes, congratulations, because I know that it’s scary when you realize you or a family member or loved one may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. So taking a step forward to check out what kind of help is available is definitely a big deal.

  • Harm Reduction Approach to Substance Use

    Harm reduction doesn’t judge you for using alcohol and other drugs.
    It therefore lets you take a more open, safer look at the problems in your life. Harm reduction means getting into the driver’s seat of your life.


What is Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction is person-centered, not a one-size-fits-all approach common to traditional substance use treatment.

Harm reduction is based on compassion, common sense and is self-empowering because it doesn't judge you for using alcohol and other drugs. It offers the opportunity to be more open and honest about your substance use, and can inform you about the next steps to take in dealing with substance use and issues in your life that are concerning you.

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Teens and Young Adults

As a teenager or young adult you’ve already had a delicious taste of independence.

You're working, having some of your own cash or ATM card. perhaps you’re already driving and have more freedom to come and go. Some of you are already in college and have experienced the excitement of living on your own for a while.

The kids I see often have some of the following concerns:

  • School demands and frustrations
  • Social media conflicts
  • Sexual orientation questions
  • Being overscheduled
  • High parental/family expectations
  • Negative thoughts and feelings about themselves
  • Problems with friends/peers at school
  • Family illness 
  • Parental conflicts, or separation and divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Moving or changing schools
  • Family financial problems

Sound familiar? That’s because many of these worries are normal problems that many kids have. Some of the stresses you may have more control over than others.

Sometimes, though, the normal stresses and pressure of your life as a teenager young adult start to become overwhelming and turn into worries that can make you feel helpless and hopeless. Young people don’t have all the tools to cope with them.

That’s where counseling can be helpful.

Barry Lessin has the unique distinction of being a licensed psychologist who also holds certification in addiction counseling. This combination has allowed him to both understand and successfully treat the complex relationship between addiction and related mental health concerns. Backed by 30 years of experience as a researcher, administrator and clinician, he has proved himself to be a valuable and trusted asset within his community. He exhibits professionalism, warmth and genuine positive regard for clients and colleagues alike. Thus, without reservation, I highly recommend Barry Lessin's services.

Chad Coren PsyD,CACD 

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