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Addiction and the Family

Addiction and family counseling - Barry Lessin - Fort Washington, PA

Reaching out for help also takes courage.

Sadly, courage is required because the stigma and negative social judgments about substance use and addiction in our culture are huge barriers to getting help for such problems.

It also takes courage to decide to make a change. We know that people move through predictable stages of change when addressing problems. I’ll work with you to understand where you are in this process, what needs to change at this time, if anything, and explore any obstacles in your path.

My approach in working with people who have identified issues with alcohol and other drugs in their life is to recognize the barriers involved in addressing these problems and the value of taking positive steps--no matter how small.

My non-judgmental approach will help you understand your use of alcohol and/or other drugs, respecting that people drink or use drugs for a variety of reasons and often want to reduce the negative impact of drugs and alcohol in their lives. Drug and alcohol issues are addressed alongside your social, emotional, occupational and relationship issues.

Some people do not yet know what their substance use goals are, but they have a desire to improve their health, their relationships, and their functioning in the world. A person's goals can range from complete abstinence to controlled use, or safer use. 

My treatment with you is individualized and evidence-based.

Good luck with whatever you decide and when you’re ready to take the next step, I’d be glad to talk with you about your situation.

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