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Substance Misuse Counseling 101 for Parents

Understanding some basic principles of substance misuse counseling will help you as parents develop an approach to intervening with your child.

Substance misuse is a problem that involves the interaction among physical, emotional, social (friends), and environmental (family, school) variables. In the course of our normal daily interaction with our kids, we’re usually aware of any physical, social, and environmental issues. Since children are often not able to articulate their emotional struggles well, we need to look at their behaviors as possible signs of conflict.

People use drugs for reasons. And our behavior, no matter what age, reflects choices we make based on how we think and feel. Also, as humans we tend to move towards rewarding activities and away from uncomfortable activities. Problems with drinking and drug use are associated with the harmful choices we make, often as ways of helping us feel better in the short run. Chemically, alcohol and drugs offer available options ways to self-medicate the uncomfortable feelings of daily life.

PARC Branches Out to the West Coast: Guest contributor to "Banana Moments"

I'm pleased to share with you that I've been asked to be a guest contributor to Banana Moments, a website devoted to helping parents cope more effectively with family life in the "network culture".

My first blog post as a guest contributor is one that originally was posted on PARC last month: How Do I Know If It's a Problem?

Banana Moments also publishes Family Business Quarterly, whose objectives according to founder Joanna Jullien, is "to help parents rise above the noise and the fray of the daily, weekly, monthly press of information and life's stresses of family business. Banana Moments offers insights and inspiration to reinforce your own family values and help you lead children in this network culture..."

What's exciting for me is that Banana Moments' focus is on prevention, as opposed to my normal focus on actual treatment or counseling. Contributing to Joanna's site gives me the opportunity to reach an audience and be proactive, educating readers about parenting before problems reach the stage when they need to see someone like me.

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